LEAD Removal Service

Call 1st All Around If you require complete lead based paint mitigation service. We have the expertise, experience to provide complete lead paint mitigation. We can manage your project for you from surveying, sampling, removal, to re-inspection and risk assessments of lead based paint.

Since lead mitigation is regulated by the federal ( EPA ) and state ( IDPH ) Laws and Regulations it is important for you to pick the experienced and licensed contractor to do the abatement / inspection job.

Let us do all the work to keep you legally compliant and to give you a piece of mind. Once the lead based paint is mitigated, we will make sure that the area is safe for re-occupation.

Need to have your property inspected?


How do I know if there may be Lead in my home?

Just like in the case of Asbestos .. the MOST Important question you can ask yourself is:

“Is your house/property build before 1978 ?”

No? You most probably have nothing to worry about.

Yes? You might be exposed to surfaces which were painted with lead containing paint

Why 1978 is such an important year?

That is a year when EPA banned use of Lead Based Paint in the residential buildings only, LBP ( Lead based paint) is still being used in commercial and heavy industry applications.

Why should I be worried about the Lead Based Paint ?

Lead as a hazardous and a poisonous mineral. Materials painted with LBP which are deteriorated have the potential to create lead containing dust which easily spreads throughout the household. Lead which enters the human body causes severe damages to the central nervous system with the kids being at biggest risk.

Lead LB carbon group chemical element, it is a a soft and malleable metal, which is regarded as a heavy metal and poor metal. Lead as a building material has been used for centuries, but Lead Based Paint started being used in the mid 1800s. Lead which was added to paint gave it greater spectrum of colors, longevity, durability, mold and mildew resistance.

According to EPA estimated 86% of houses build before 1940 have surfaces painted with LBP, that number drops to a still high 66% of houses build between 1940-1959, and 25% afterwards.

The only sure way of checking for presence of LBP is performing a laboratory paint analysis or have the painted surfaces tested with an XRF by an IDPH licensed professional.

Call us at 773-986 -8725 and have our licensed inspector assess the areas and collect samples for a scientific laboratory analysis.

For more information on Lead Based Paint and its effects visit EPA’s website