Chicago Asbestos Inspection and demolition permit requirements

OSHA, IDPH, EPA, Cook County are governmental agencies that regulate asbestos materials in the state of Illinois; starting summer of 2013 city of Chicago joins ranks of agencies that regulate asbestos abatement. From now on any IDPH licensed asbestos abatement contractor performing asbestos removal in the city of Chicago will have to notify and subsequently pay the appropriate fees to the city of Chicago. Additionally city of Chicago joins Cook County Department of Environment requirement to have licensed asbestos inspector perform a pre-demolition asbestos inspection/survey of the property being demolished.

You can see the City of Chicago Asbestos Ordinance <—–here

City of Chicago gives an option to the demolition contractor not to perform asbestos inspection in which case The City wants the contractor to dispose all of the demolition debris as asbestos containing. With the cost of asbestos-containing waste being almost 3 times higher then standard demolition debris, it’s very likely that demolition contractor will proceed with an asbestos inspection.

If you’re potential developer or demolition contractor these new rules mean one thing: from now on you will need an asbestos inspection in Chicago.

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