If you are a homeowner and you will plan on selling a house (eventually each and single one of us will sell their beloved residence) it might be a good idea to be proactive and find out if you have asbestos in the house before listing it. (You will follow with: Why should I? I lived here for 15 years and it never bothered me and I am fine! Buyers will not mind it either!!) I will bring you down to earth now… Buyers will look for any edge they can get to lower your price, and if the regular home inspector will say “Ooo Ohhh that looks like asbestos, you should have it inspected “, the potential buyers will follow up with that. And here three things that might happen:

  1. They will simply walk away because they are afraid of buying a house that has cancer causing asbestos in it
  2. They will ask you to lower your price by the $$$ amount, which most probably will be highly inflated cost of asbestos abatement
  3. They will tell you that unless you remove it they are not interested in it ( trust me looking for an asbestos contractor on a short term schedule will only cost you more $$$ )

I lied because there is also a forth thing that happens… when it is discovered that there is asbestos in the building all of the future buyers will need to be informed of it !! (and that puts you right were you started).

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