Lego Ergo Sum “I read, therefore I am.”

With the world and most of its data being connected with World Wide Web ( who even still calls it that anymore ) it became a never-ending encyclopedia of knowledge, opinion and cold facts. And whether you live in Chicago, Downers Grove, any of Chicagoland suburbs or anywhere in the state of Illinois you do have the power of having all of the world’s knowledge at your fingertips
Goal of my blog is to share my findings and thoughts. No I am not a doctor or a professor but I am a professional that has been involved in the chicagoland environmental field since 1998 (yes the age of dial up intenet!) and with this immerse tool of a google search engine I found many interesting and intriguing facts that 10 years ago would not see the face of light. With so many years behind my belt of being exposed to asbestos, lead, mold or radon I became more and more interested in the how’s and why’s of the field. In 1998 I would have to spend countless days if not weeks to gain the information about given environmental topic, which nowadays can be researched in mere hours. I offer my very my own common sense, analytic ability and I posses this wonderful skill of being able to read! With all three combined I hope to keep you entertained and educated

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