Leave it to professionals……  And to be honest it is not because it is such a hard job to remove it. It is because it is a huge personal and professional LIABILITY!! I had my case of abatement projects were “SMART” building owners removed the asbestos themselves instead of hiring  one of Chicago asbestos removal contractors . They were smart until IDPH/Cook County/EPA or City of Chicago knocked on their door, visitation of which usually follows with: air quality test and comprehensive visual inspections.  So….  Mr. Smart what happened to old pipe insulation and those old floor tiles? Next you will be forced ( yes forced!! Because only certified / licensed companies and individuals can remove / clean up projects with regulatory violations ) to hire IDPH Licensed Contractor, and then when contractor will find out that governmental agencies are involved guess what will happen to his price?! So now you are cleaning up entire building and paying dearly for it,  along with possible Court Appearances needed because you got charged for violating IDPH/EPA or Cook County Asbestos Rules and Regulations but it might not be over. Ohh no …. what if a neighbor resident/tenant/employee that was inside or in the vicinity of the building finds out of the asbestos problem?? Need I spell the word L A W Y E R to you??

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