As many of you drive around Chicago and its densely populated suburbs ( Cook County, DuPage County ) I am sure you have seen Asbestos Exposure / Mesothelioma / Asbestosis  LAWYER Billboards. There is plenty of them whether you commute from or to Northside, Southside, Westside or the Loop aka Down Town Chicago.

As I was doing some reading on Mesothelioma Sickness in relation to asbestos exposure, I came upon a blog which stated interesting fact about Cost Per Click prices. At this point my ADD kicked in and I opened another tab and started yet another search ( Heh now I have 10 tabs open and all are too important to close ) and typed in “highest paying keyword terms” and what I tumbled upon truly shocked me…. I mean take a look yourself


                   Keyword                                                       Cost Per Click

Mesothelioma law firm                       $179.01   !!!!!!!!!!!!!! What??????????

Sell annuity payment                           $107.46

Asbestos lawyers                                      $105.84   !!!!!!!!!!!!! Another one???

Structured annuity settlement     $100.80

Annuity settlements                             $100.72

Car donate                                                     $ 88.26

Virtual data rooms                                 $ 83.18

Automobile accident attorney      $ 76.57

Auto accident attorney                       $ 75.64

Car accident lawyers                             $ 75.17

Data recovery raid                                  $ 73.22

Motor insurance quotes                     $ 68.61

Personal injury lawyer                        $ 66.53

Car insurance quotes                            $ 61.03

Asbestos lung cancer                            $ 60.96   !!!!!!!This Asbestos stuff needs to pay good $$$$

Injury lawyers                                           $ 60.79

Personal injury law firm                    $ 60.56


So….  if you click an add for Mesothelioma Law Firm six times they will get a bill for more then a weekly median american household !!

I honestly do not know what is scarier… the fact that in top 20 there is 3 Asbestos related terms vs. 8 Lawyer/Lawsuit related Terms ??

All this money spent for the good, health and prosperity of the society right?    Or is it simply greed ?

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