OSHA, IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health) and EPA each have their own Asbestos Related Rules and Regulations. It is very hard for a building owner / homeowner to know which rules apply to his case. Three governmental agencies have different requirements for residential, commercial and k1-12 school buildings; this leaves plenty of room to make an honest mistake ( Buletin <- try to make sense of it!!  ) . A very costly mistake, if it’s discovered by the agencies. Additionally in the current day and age the fact that you have not broken any laws, does not mean that you are safe… I am talking about personal and business liability / responsibility. This is how I see it: asbestos is the building owner’s current or future liability. Like icicles on a skyscraper (yes we have many of them downtown Chicago!), nobody bothers to think about it, until a piece of ice falls and hurts a person or a property. Same thing with asbestos; nobody thinks about it until some agency inspector shows up and starts asking questions, and trust me once they show up it means two things: a headache and less money in your wallet. That is why if you live in Chicago, Cook County, DuPage County and you are an owner of a building ( residential or commercial ) it might be a good idea to be preemptive and inspect your building for presence of asbestos containing materials ( ACM ). You will ask me why should I even spend money if I do not need it? I will do my best in next few Blog entries to give real live examples with which I was involved either as an asbestos inspector or Chicago’s asbestos removal contractor.

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